Do These before Graduating from Pilot School

Graduating from pilot school is one of the the best moments in life because cadets need to sacrifice their time, energy, mind, and money. That is why when graduating, they are very happy and proud. As a cadet at a pilot school, you definitely feel the same when graduating later. Anyway, before this moment comes in, do you know what you should do? If you don’t, consider doing these:



Why should you apologize? As a human being, you definitely did mistakes to people around you. You might make your friends or instructors disappointed and sad, so there is no problem if you apologize first. Remember to do this sincerely, don’t do this because you feel forced because you will feel burdened. In other hand, you have to accept apology from your instructors or friends and forgive them sincerely. What if there is a friend who does not want to forgive you? No need to worry, you just apologize three times, if he/she still does not forgive you, accept it and let him/her do what he/she wants. In this case, you are not guilty anymore.

“In this life, when you deny someone an apology, you will remember it at time you beg forgiveness.”-Toba Beta.

Say thanks

Undoubtedly, when following ground school and practice program, you definitely ask for help from your friends or get help from instructors. For this, you should say thanks to them. This is important and useful for you so your friends and instructors will know that you respect them well. They also do the same thing for you. Btw, you need to know that by doing this, you can also create peace atmosphere and strong relationship with people around you.

Unfortunately, some people cannot do this whereas they just say it sincerely. This happens because they follow emotion and ego so they feel lazy to do this. If you feel the same thing, remove it from your mind unless you want to make people who help you assume you are not polite. The worst part is they will never want to help you anymore whatever the reasons are.

Give souvenirs to close friends

To make your close friends remember you forever wherever they are, you are highly encouraged to give souvenirs to them. You may buy something that they like or need. For instance, if they need new shoes, you may buy those products or if they like jacket, buy this product soon. What if they don’t need anything from you? You should remain giving souvenirs or making memorable moments and perpetuate them. For example, you can give your jacket or shirt or take picture and record video together.

In other side, if you plan to give souvenirs to your favorite instructors, you may do it. You should give shoes, shirts, memorable pictures. Make sure that you do this sincerely. What if they refuse your souvenirs? Tell them that you give souvenirs sincerely just for memories.

Hopefully, by apologizing, saying thanks, and giving souvenirs to close friends and favorite instructors, you can enjoy graduating at last.

Cause and Effect of Airplane Accident

One of the most accidents that can make many people died fast. This is a big problem and nightmare for airline parties and passengers. In one year, there is one airplane accident in some countries. For instance, TransAsia Airways with 235 flight number hit fly over in Taipei in February 2015, Germanwings with 9525 flight number fell down around Alps in March 2015, Air Canada with 624 flight number landed before runaway at International Halifax Airport in March, and Asiana Airlines with 162 flight number slipped when landing at Hiroshima Airport in April 2015.

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What are actually causes and effects of airplane accident? Do you know what the answer is? If you don’t, find it below:


In general, there are four causes of airplane accidents:

Human error – No one is perfect, including pilot and co-pilot. Sometimes, because of having out of date information, taking wrong flight schedule, and getting difficulty in communicating with airport tower officers, pilot take wrong decision to land or take off airplane. This makes airplane slip or fall down accidentally. In some cases, there is no victim in this accident and in some other cases, there are some passengers who have to get medical treatment soon. Therefore, pilot cannot take any decisions as he/she likes. Pilot must be careful and follow flying standard procedure, including landing and taking off procedure so there is no accident.

Bad airplane – Undoubtedly, there are many airlines which continue using bad airplane to bring passengers and things. This is a big deal because bad airplane is easy to get damage and fall down fast. To avoid getting this problem, airline parties must check and know whether their airplanes are worthy to be flown. If there are many broken parts, don’t use and fly airplane so the risks of getting any accidents can be minimized optimally.

Weather – There are many planes getting any engine problems and then falling down when dealing with bad weather, like rain and storm. For instance, Air Asia plane fell down in Karimata Strait because of bad weather. This accident happened in 2014 in which there were tens of passengers who were died.

Terrorism – This does not happen easily because at this moment, airline parties recruit professional security guards to maintain and create comfort at airport. However, in a few years ago, there were some terrorism causes that made airplane drop down, get crashed, or blow up. This accident of course is very serious because there are many victims in each accident.

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When airplane accident happens, there are many effects that will be got by airline, victim’s family, and country.

Airline – Government usually closes airline temporally and asks airline parties to give clear and related information about the accident. Of course, airline parties will get bad effect from this problem. People might not trust anymore with them and they can collapse and go bankrupt sooner or later.

Victim’s family ­– Being left by beloved ones is a big deal. Victim’s family definitely feels shocked and sad. Besides, they can deal with depressed and stressed at last. If they lose beloved ones who support family’s finance, of course this accident will also make them deal with financial problem.

Country – Global society will know about airplane accident in each country fast. This makes them afraid of using airplane from that country so tourist visit will go down. This also makes country have to work hard to build up and get society trust back.

Work at Local or Foreign Airlines?

airplane-pilotLife is full of choice. For example, after graduating from flying school, graduates have to choose whether they will work at local or foreign airlines to earn money. Some graduates choose to work at local airlines and some other go to abroad to get job there. There is no problem if they want to work in their country or another country because people have right to choose. Anyway, are you a new graduate of pilot school who is confused of choosing whether you should work at local or foreign airlines? If you answer yes, before taking a decision, it is better to do these first:

Realize about skill and knowledge

Do you have adequate flying skill and knowledge? If you do, realize about how better your skill and knowledge than other graduates of flying school is. If you still feel that you cannot compete with other, this means that you still have to develop and increase your skill and knowledge first. If you already do it, check needed requirements in job vacation which is released by airline parties. If you are interested in working abroad, this is important to do because who knows that you don’t fulfill requirement. In this condition, you should work at local airlines. In other hand, if you really want to work at foreign airlines, you must struggle and do your best so you can make your dream come true.

Think about income and outcome

You should think about how much your income and outcome if you work at local or foreign airlines. If you work at local airlines, you can earn 5 thousands of dollars per month and spend for 5 hundreds of dollars per month while your outcome if you work abroad is more than 1 thousands of dollars, you should work at local airlines. If you are still keen on working abroad, think twice so you don’t regret. If you are sure with your choice, you should be smart at managing your money. Make sure that you don’t waste money so your life in another country runs smoothly and you never deal with financial problem.

Know opinions from your beloved ones

Realize that you can graduate from flight school because you are supported by your beloved ones. That is why you have to know opinions from them before taking decision. If they are willing to let you go abroad, you will not feel depressed and guilty because you leave them. Remember not to abuse their trust and support. You have to work smartly and professionally and make them proud of you. In other hand, if you are not allowed to work abroad, you should accept their opinion and think about it wisely. You need to know that they love you so they don’t want to see you leave them. If you force yourself to work abroad, you will make them disappointed. You definitely don’t want to see your mom and dad look sad, right?

Realize that no matter where you work is, the important thing is you can earn money and make your family happy.

Serious Problems that Can Happen During Flight

turbulenceRunning profession as a pilot is not easy. Aside from focusing on flying plane and making flight run smoothly, pilots have to be ready to face serious problems that can happen during flight. Do you know what those problems are? If you don’t, find the answer below:


Turbulance is caused by rapid movement of air with high level altitude, temperature of sun increases suddenly, wave caused by other planes, air mass drops drastically, and fast movement of wind in mountain area. When dealing with problem, plane will vibrate and passengers will be shocked. Another worst part is plane can lose altitude. If pilot cannot handle this condition, plane will go down and plane accident will happen at last. To avoid dealing with this problem, pilots have to fly plane based on schedule and choose safe flight rute. Undoubtedly, turbulance is not easy to be avoided but pilots can save plane as long as they know how to control it and bring it to safe flight rute.


Do you like watching action movies? If you do, have you watched movies about terrorists hijack plane? If you answer yes, those movies might be inspired by terrorism causes that hijack plane. This serious problem might happen once decade. One of the examples is piracy of aircraft that was done by terrorists to ruin and kill people at World Trade Center and Pentagon in September 11, 2001. At that moment, terrorists hijacked 4 planes: American Airlines flight 11, 77, 93, and 175. This tragedy made all people all around the world sympathy because there were more than 2,000 people who died in that accident.

To avoid the risks of dealing with this problem, airline staffs must apply high quality security system in each flight. Besides, pilots must contact tower staffs to tell what is going on if they deal with terrorism. Hopefully, terrorism can be removed forever so piracy of aircraft or bombardment cases will never happen anymore.

Broken engine

What makes plane deal with broken engine? Of course, this problem can happen because of many factors. The first is plane is not maintenance well so some engine parts get damaged when being flown. The second is broken engine happens because of getting serious turbulence that make some engine parts unable to work as usual. This triggers engine to get damaged. The last is engine gets broken because of foreign objects, like projectile or missile. When getting this problem, pilots are suggested to look for nearest airport to do emergency landing. This is not easy to do because plane can lose its altitude so pilot cannot control it well.

Anyway, damage can happen not only in main engine but also support tool in plane, like communication tool. However this problem is not too serious, this damage will make pilot get difficulty in communicating with tower staffs. Pilot cannot tell where the plane is and when plane will land. If tower staffs don’t know about this, plane accident can happen and of course this will harm many parties.